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80 Awesome Resources to Learn Russian Language

80 Awesome Resources to Learn Russian Language
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Hi, this is a very special issue because:

  1. It’s in English! This article will be extremely useful for your friends who learn Russian as a foreign language (and for you if you teach or want to teach it :)
  2. I’m happy to announce the English version of Language Heroes project – Feel free to invite your friends from other countries to join our language learning community. Probably, it is one of the best places on the Internet to learn Russian!


  • Learning Russian with Livemocha:
  • A variety of good exercises for elementary, intermediate and advanced learners:
  • Udemy offers a great selection of Russian language courses for different levels:
  • Learning language in a great community allows you to support each other and exchange knowledge which can be extremely motivating and encouraging. Learning with Language Heroes is an awesome opportunity to level up your Russian language skills in just 12 weeks. You will make your personal learning plan and take part in interesting weekly community challenges:
  • Heard of Memrise? It’s a very good tool for learning and revising words using spaced repetition and mnemonic techniques:
  • Mango will help you to speak Russian. It is not a fruit, but it can be fruitful:
  • There are a lot of useful materials for various study levels including dialogues, games, podcasts, phrases, idioms, and proverbs. The site is presented in a clear and playful manner:
  • Work with texts, newsletters and games in Russian. Limited access for free
  •  If you want to learn everything about Russian language and culture in one place, then visit this website as it’s one of the best for Russian learners.  Anastasia Polo is an educated teacher and passionate person. She has created a lot of courses for Students, for Tourists, and for Beginners, so you are sure to find everything you will need and want.

 Dictionaries and lists



 Speaking and interacting

Music and movies

Youtube channels






Write texts and receive feedback from native Russian speakers:


 Exams and tests

This article was prepared by Anastasia Nikulina, a teacher of Russian as a foreign language and a member of the Language Heroes Team.  Special thanks to Anastasia and Gareth ;)

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